Sunday, January 30, 2011


There are so many global issues facing our food supply and with the current economic crisis, global warming, the increase of food demands from emerging countries like China and India, the human race is facing rising food shortages.
However under proverbial radar, many food conglomerates are working tirelessly behind the scenes to meet these challenges. The latest "food movement" is to remove a few ounces from a container or packaged item, to reduce the overall cost.. For example, just a few adjustments to a packaged item can reduce shipp ring costs, prevents rising prices and in turn increases revenue. This trend is being adopted by more and more  within the industry and the days of "super sizing" is becoming a thing of the past. However less food will not prevent the cost of food from rising, inevitability, unless countries around the world, seriously address food shortages and issues such as; over population, depletion of our natural resources and more importantly poverty.
You can check out these two sites for more information on "climate change on food production" and "paying more for less",
So with the these new challenges facing our food supply, I personally have found ways to deal with rising costs and demands for healthier food choices. I concentrate on seeking out high quality, locally grown food staples. For example, I purchase poultry products from a  regional vendor that adopted " free range farming" technique, which simply means that their chickens are free to roam . Now at face value the price on their product per serving is much higher than their national competitors. Yet overall it is a real saving, first because it is a 100% breast meat, which translates into "true volume". Secondly, cheaper brands plump up their chickens by injecting water and adding hormones to their feed which "artificially" increase their weight. The  product I purchase when cooked, does not shrink and that is an essential key component, when I provide caloric and nutritional information to the students. Finally, I can stretch this product further due to its density, which generates a solid revenue.

So to sum it up, quality food can put money in your pocket, even if it's just loose change!  

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Chef Sam BFD

PS: My next blog will be on Cultivating New Food Ideas As We Spring Forward!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I decided to start out the New Year by opening up my site for a limited time. So feel free to browse my food and my recipe creations and please contact me, if you should have any questions.

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PS: My next blog will be on strategic methods to raise revenue !

Friday, November 5, 2010


Great cookies with a catchy tune..
Razapinos, Blubaneros get them while their good and hot, yum, yum ,yum!
Razapinos, Blubaneros, they really, really hit the spot, yum, yum, yum!

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Sunday, October 31, 2010


Now, if you are looking for the ultimate Roast Beef Sandwich experience, then you came to the right place!. Today, I am offering this FREE demonstration that you can share with others. So spread the word about this recipe creation and my site!

PS: I would love your feedback, so feel free to drop me an email at; Also, if your are interested in more of my recipes then go to my website, and sign up today!

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My next article will be linked to another new blog called S.L.A.B which is "SHARE LAUGHTER AT BREAKFAST". This an interactive weekly site, where readers can post their humorous stories over Sunday breakfast. So come by next week to view my new blog and don't forget to bring, a cup of coffee, or tea with you!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Here is a video that I think will be usefull when traveling on business.

Friday, September 10, 2010



                                    & B COOKIES

I  have designed many recipes over the course of my career but I will tell you this much, I can say these cookies are one of my best creations. Between the contrast of sweetness and a mild heat, this combination creates such a delicious distinct unique taste. Also, the flavor lingers in the back of your palette and leaves your mouth feeling so refreshed that, you can't help but want more!

These sugar cake cookies come in either vanilla or chocolate and with a raspberry jalapeno or blueberry habanero filling.
Each cookie is .75 cents each but if you purchase a dozen or more than the price of an individual  cookie will only be .50 cents !
Please go to my website and send me your order at

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PS: My next blog will be on how to make food work for you!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


There are some simple recipes that have a major impact when creating a variety of meals in your kitchen and they come from the streets of your neighborhood. Simple foods has always been accessible and it's reflected in the cooking traditions passed down from our ancestors. There are many ways to prepare our food and so whether it is curing, grilling baking or even cooking over an open fire, these methods have been used for centuries and they are the core for some of our basic ethnic dishes. I have found through my own personal experience with Street Foods, that for the most part, preparation is a key essential element. So get into the habit of marinating and seasoning your food items ahead of time. Also, always keep basic ingredients in your kitchen such as; sea salt, pepper and essential heart healthy cooking fats like olive oil. Furthermore, try to have fresh herbs available and accessible like basil and oregano. Or if you are able, create your own "herbal garden" and in the process you can contribute to the "green movement" by recycling and reducing your "carbon footprint". So start by cutting in half a couple of milk containers or use plastic soda bottles or you can even use decorative tin cans or crates. Then punch a few holes in the bottom of your containers and use old dishes, saucers, or even tin pie plates, as catch basins, for the excess drainage. Remember it's best to use a rich dark potting soil and also, keep an empty container  lined with a plastic bag,  preferably near your sink. Then when needed, instead of disposing coffee grinds or egg shells, you can occasionally, add them to your soil to provide additional nutrients for your plants. Keep in mind, your kitchen garden acts like a tiny greenhouse as it removes carbon monoxide and provides cleaner air to your living space. Also, certain herbs produce some phenomenal natural scents like basil or mint and others are visually appealing such as; certain wild thyme's or borage blossoms. And as long as you water your plants and that includes the occasional steam from boiling water, along with a good dose of light, either natural or fluorescent, you can create a wonderful "miniature" garden year round!
Also, staying true to a more "organic" approach to food, try to purchase seasonal fruits and vegetables from your local markets or grocery stores. For example, in the Northeast our fall harvest season has arrived and so locally grown native corn, tomatoes, acorn squash and fruits can now be purchased at a fraction of the cost from their imported counterparts! Furthermore if at all possible, buy your meats, poultry and fish at your local market too, there is nothing more appealing to the senses than fresh food! Finally when cooking remember this, quick preparations like pan frying or grilling will enhance the flavors and awaken the senses.
So start by preparing a personal shopping list, first either grow or purchase fresh products, next get into the habit of seasoning and marinating your items ahead of time. Finally change your mind set when it come to preparing a meal, it does not always need to be approached as such a daunting task simply, alter your cooking methods to cut down on preparation time.

In closing try to eliminate from your diet any unhealthy foods and artificial additives, as you make room to...

Welcome Street Foods back into your Kitchen!

Also, please check out this link on "colorful herbs",

It's time to unveil my cookie line, Rasaepenos and Blubanerios!

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Chef Sam BFD

PS: I have been very busy with the start of the new school year at Northeastern University, creating recipes and entering menus into a new site for the surrounding college campuses in my district, as Chartwells' new Regional Operations Manager.  Furthermore, on a more personal note, I have been working diligently on the development of my cookie line. I apologize, to my readers, that in the past month or so, I have been slacking when it comes to writing a weekly article. I had promised in an earlier blog that I would provide a weekly post, but I plan to have some very exciting new entries coming soon, so stay tuned !

Now I missed Saint Anthony's  Feast this year, but I located this video on You Tube and I really believe it captures the essence of the articles I write regarding Street Food. The music maybe outdated for some of you, but it has a collection of great old footage that covers the span of the feasts' inception. Finally, I hope all of you had a wonderful summer and as we see say in Italian "con affetto, i migliori auguri a tutti", which means "love and best wishes to all !